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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  February 20, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> announcer: breaking news from the abc 7 live desk. >> first, we are tracking breaking news right now on the peninsula. a bad crash in redwood city forcing people off the roadway there. alexis mentioned it earlier. lonnie rivera just arrived on scene. hi, lonnie. >> hi. yes, there are flair flares on road as well as cones. chp blocking four of the lanes here. these cars have been crawling through this exit for the last couple of minutes. what we're hearing is further up north on 101 near whipple road. there was some kind of accident a short time ago involving multiple vehicles. what led to the crash is still unclear. but we do know there's some flooding on the highway. caltrans has been called to deal with the flooding. chp is here working the accident. all cars moving in that direction are being redirected to woodside road and seaport
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boulevard. you can see the traffic is just backed up here. looks like it is moving a little faster now, but we were actually stuck in this traffic just a couple of minutes ago. that is the very latest. reporting live in redwood city, lonniery ver ya. >> there are a lot of problems this morning. >> we started with a major problem in oakland. right now, the thing i want to stress is we have a lot of folks off for the president's day holiday. we'll take that. we have light volumes through the bay bridge toll plaza. 6:00, still don't have the metering lights, the little bit of good news. on top of the problem northbound 101 in the peninsula, we had a five car crash on westbound 580. all lanes down for 20 munninute. we have the left lanes back open. with lighter volumes, it is not too bad of a backup. 880 is looking better, as well. let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco.
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not an easy day on the roads all around. we have steady rain thanks to the atmospheric river and it will be moderate to heavy. moving through the trivalley and out toward the altamont pass and discovery bay. we have heavier showers that just moved through edenvale, evergreen, moving to mount hamilton right now. you can see the big picture. just non-stop rain today. here's a look at walnut creek. 680 looking southbound, 7:00 in the morning, we'll have temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. breezy with heavy showers at times at noon. it is going to turn windy though. that's when we could have damage and a greater chance of flooding this afternoon through the early evening hours. >> thank you, mike. residents along coyote creek in san jose are not used to seeing the water level this high. the ongoing releases from anderson dam are causing the levels to rise. as the storm moves in this morning, neighbors could be at risk again. the mayor posted a warning on
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facebook saying areas where the creek narrows, like rock spring and golden wheel park, could see flooding. residents being reminded of the city's free sandbag locations. the heavy rain coming down in contra costa. you see how much they're getting in lafayette. our crews shot this about two hours ago. ponding is already happening. of course, we have hours of rain remaining. there are concerns about flooding this morning as more of the rain moves? >> neighborhoods across the bay area have been preparing. nbc abc 7 news reporter kate larson is on the embarcadero. >> a cool and wet morning but tough to complain with the view of the bay bridge behind us. fortunately, as you mentioned, residents throughout the bay area have been prepare fg thing this storm. let's look at martinez. residents preparing for the worst of the storm by lining their downtown streets with
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sandbags. you see them stacked high. people are keeping a close eye on the creek as the current swells. in the mission district, a flood prone neighborhood is getting ready for the storm. the flood barriers and also metal gates in front of doors metal gates in front of doors are all along street. as we know from mike nicco, it is not going to let up today. coming up at 6:30, we'll show you a little pit of tbit of the we've already seen throughout the bay area. reporting live from the kgo roof, i'm kate larson. a race against the clock in orin orinda where a landslide is putting these towers in danger. crews worked overnight. they put together a plan to sure up the hill. the slide hasn't reached the high voltage tower yet.
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crews will be on the project for a while. >> we can't estimate a time, but our plan is to safety complete the project as quickly as possible. >> at least this isn't near homes so no safety concern for residents. pg&e says there are redun atlan -- redundant power lines. it shouldn't affect customers if the tower is jeopardized. a swift water rescue team is ready to go. 14 menlo park firefighters are on stand by to be dispatched in towns like williams, an hour north of sacramento on i-5. many. >> reporter: a similar scene in nearby maxwell. the rice producing town is dealing with rain swollen canals and rivers. streets, homes and classrooms flooded over the weekend. more rain is in the forecast for them. >> announcer: a live desk update with jessica castro.
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>> and you can certainly expect delays if you have a flight today. i've been keeping track of things. monitoring all the websites for you. sfo, almost four hours, it is at 3 hours and 48 minutes, just under four hours, a live look out here right now. you can see that you really need to check your flight status ahead of time. the rain coming down. these delays, no surprise with the weather. as mike has been telling us, the storm is going to get worse throughout the day. likely, we'll see those flight delays increase throughout the day, as well. both oakland and san jose have their status at 15 minutes or less. i just checked. though we expect that to go up, as well. reggie and natasha, back to you. >> thanks, jess. you can use your phone to keep track of the 3 on our abc 7 storm impact scale. download the abc 7 news app where you can track the live doppler 7 and get breaking news updates. just enable push alerts. 6:06 now. president trump could sign a revised version of his immigration ban this week.
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it targets the same seven muslim majority countries listed in his original executive order. this time, green card holders and dual citizens are exempt, as well as those who have cevisas travel here. last month, the ninth circuit court blocked the order, saying part of it was likely unconstitutional. happening all across the nation, people will take part in a protest against the president. organizers are calling this not my president's day rally. they're showing their anger at the president's policies. this was previous protest video from the announcement of the first travel ban. in san francisco, people will gather at noon. the bay area could see more self-driving cars. the city about to become the home to a special testing facility. >> at 6:07, a live look outside. we are seeing widespread rain right now. making for a troubling commute for a lot of you.
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alexis and mike on stand by, alexis and mike on stand by, tr
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>> announcer: now your ac accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> we'll start with the winds
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because you'they're not much of factor now but they will be in the afternoon and evening. rains light to moderate across the north bay. the heaviest of wet weather climbing over the hills to contra costa and alameda counties. same in the south bay. not too much in the way of moderate rain in the santa cruz mountains. we have the flooding of the coyote creek near edenvale. if you see the water rising, what are you going to do? take action. figure it out now before it happens. standing water and breezy this morning. dangerous winds and flooding. hazardous driving conditions. will be worse this evening. sfo, nearly four hour flight arrival delays. it'll be poor whether it is public transit, commuting or out and about thanks to the rain today. sir francis drake road is closed in marin county due to mud slide and trees down, as well. not a surprise on a day like today. want to take you back to the
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peninsula, where we've got this full closure of northbound 101. you're forced off at woodside due to standing water at whipple avenue. it caused a crash but now the bigger concern is the standing water. you're being diverted. that is a sig alert. we have a backup for two and a half miles right now. the good news, alternates are looking okay. el camino royale is open. 280 normally the lighter of the options. looking good if you're heading north. southbound 680, walnut creek to dublin, 15 minutes. 101 santa rosa to san francisco, 55. 17 highway 1 to los gatos, just 26 minutes. >> thanks. next, what could be behind a major increase in illegal border crossings to canada. angelina jolie is speaking for the first time about her divorce. what she has to say about her family's split. we'll take a break at 6:12. we'll take a break at 6:12. you can always see
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>> announcer: the abc 7 storm impact scale. today's storm is level 3, meaning a strong storm. look out for flooding, hazards on the road and possible power outages. stay ahead of today's storm with the abc 7 news app. download it now. 6:15. thank you for being awake with us. this is a live look from our emeryville camera. you can see the slick roads, the
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reflection of the head lights on the pavement. fortunately, the commute is light because of the holiday but still wet. here's what it looks like in santa cruz. not exactly a good day for the beach. we want to see the weather where you live. take a photo or video, share it and use the hashtag abc 7 nouz. we'll show it on air on abc 7 news p the trump administration's trackdown on immigration may be having an effect in canada as they're seeing an uptick in illegal border crossings. there are 452 incidents from last month, twice as many as they saw in january of 2016. some of these immigrants were arrested. others who were seeking asylum were helped out. immigration authorities say their resources are tapped. last week during a joint news conference with president trump, prime minister justin trudeau said canada would keep its borders open. ya former base has been namd
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as a base for self-driving cars. it'll be one of ten proving grounds nationwide. it'll be for automakers and start ups to test self-driving tech. it is unclear if uber or google will be participating. they usually have a lot of intellectual property they don't like to share. in an interview with the bbc, angelina jolie addressed her separation with brad pitt for the first time on camera. >> i don't want to say very much on that, except to say it was a very difficult time. and we are a family. and we will always be a family will. and we will get through this time. hopefully be a stronger family for it. >> jolie filed for divorce at the end of last year following an incident on a private flight involving pitt and one of their kids. jolie says her focus is on her children and finding a way through the divorce. she hopes it makes them a
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stronger family. >> you hear the pain in her voice. i was surprised as how honest the moment felt, it's hard. >> definitely raw. i can't imagine what's going through their minds but hopefully the kids will be the center focus. that's what happened with my parents. i'm semi-normal. here's a look at what's going on outside with live doppler 7. actually, the san mateo bridge, the lighter rain that's coming out right now. you see it is not coming down near as heavy or sideways as it was earlier. doesn't mean it is over. more rain is on the way, even lightning is possible. all this is going to continue through tuesday. a brief break wednesday and thursday and a weaker storm for friday and saturday. live doppler 7, antioch, altamont pass, excuse me, toward byron and discovery bay on highway 4, the area continues to be pelted by showers. standing water on highway 4. you see the update there as it pulls away from 160 and heads toward bethel island. today's storm impact scale,
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still a 3 for the moderate to heavy rain and the high concern for flooding and wind damage. from 7:00 to 9:00, you can see we just reload with moderate to heavy rain in the yellows, oranges and reds. a little lighter, not quite as heavy across the north bay. but it gets that way after the 9:00 hour through noon and hangs out there until 5:00. you see it is starting to break up into a scattered nature of downpours. then the wide spread nature will continue through the overnight hours when we'll have a better chance of lightning and thunder. then that will taper just a little bit as we head toward tomorrow afternoon. my biggest concerns, we already have urban and creek flooding as we talked about, the coyote creek near edenvale. trees down. power outages and river flooding, a moderate concern. my accuweather seven-day forecast. we'll have a light storm for tuesday and barely anything for wednesday and thursday. a light storm for friday and saturday. by oscar sunday, we're dry.
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alexis? if you don't have to leave the house today, do not. it is not easy driving out there this morning. a lot of high wind advisories and a lot of wet pavement, too. want to take you into our biggest issue at the moment. northbound 101. right around whipple, we had standing water that caused a multi-car crash early this morning. that flooding really is the main story there. all traffic is forced off south of there at woodside. that is a sig alert. your backup is around two and a half miles. we had a big problem this morning on westbound 580 just past lakeshore in the oakland area. all lanes were blocked due to a five car crash. we're down to just the two right lanes blocked at this point. on a lighter day like today with a holiday, we're not seeing a major backup there anymore. live look at the bay bridge poll plaza. an hour after we normally have the metering lights, they're still not on. we'll take it. dealing with an error on your credit report can be a headache. next, 7 on your side's michael finney will show you how to fix the problem. we have a development in the
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>> announcer: 6:23. here's a live look outside this morning. as a few folks are making their way to work, obviously a lot of rain on the lens. this is something we're going to be dealing with for most of the day. happy president's day. hopefully you didn't have outdoor plans. time to ask finny. reggie from hayward. did you ask a question about your credit score? >> no, but i appreciate the name. michael finney has the answer. >> how can you challenge a credit score given to you by a bank, the institution that you paid for numerous years, effortlessly. my mortgage, for example, 17 years without discrepancy. how do i challenge that? >> reggie, that's an interesting question. banks do not give out credit scores. the companies that do don't allow you to dispute them. but that doesn't mean there's nothing you can do. you can still dispute errors on
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your credit report. you contact each of the three credit bureaus separately, explain what you believe is wrong and why. then the reporting agencies have just 30 days to fix your report. now, once it is corrected, your credit score will reflect those changes. hopefully that means they'll go up. reggie, thanks for your question. >> if you have a question for michael finney, record it on your smartphone or tablet, post it with the hashtag ask finney. there are new detail this is morning on the case surrounding stolen military metals in yuba city. >> there is a happy ending. the purple heart and 23 other medals were taken from mike pomeroy. the chief is personally handing them over to pom reroypomeroy. the medals were stolen during the lake oroville evacuations. police found the medals in the back of a pickup parked at a
6:26 am
church. two women and a man were arrested in connection with the case. if you're off for the president's day holiday, congratulations. ahead, the messy commute for people on the road this morning. chp officers stop a suspected drunk driver on an east bay road. the violent turn it took. at the live desk, we're getting breaking news. >> all about this storm. one to two inches possible in the south bay. that is the low wind. three to four inches possible for the rest of us. even four to six in our mountains. the worst of the storm is ahead of us. we are watching the skies. i'm also watching breaking news at the live desk out of los angeles where a legal battle is starting to shape up between the union, police union, and the sheriff's department there. we are taking a look at what is happening this morning. 6:26. as we head to break right now, a live look at downtown san francisco and the embarcadero. francisco and the embarcadero. you can keep t
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ultimate limited edition bed. plus 24-month financing. go to for a store near you. >> announcer: good morning, east bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. now at 6:30, we are once again on storm watch. our walnut creek camera shows what many of you deal with this morning as you head out the door. a wet and slow commute. >> if you're on a bay area bridge overnight, you may have felt strong winds. those conditions will only get worse as the day goes on. the golden gate bridge still
6:30 am
looking nice. good morning. thank you for being with us. alexis, you said this was one of the worst drives over the bridge you've experienced. >> yeah. mike and i were muttering over here, we're over it. >> so are we. >> we're ready for a break, mike. >> seriously. >> not goat beginning to get ita few days. >> we have to wait until wednesday, thursday and another storm thursday to friday but it won't be like this one. right now, a lull in the moderate to heavy rain. it is in the central valley. i'll put this into motion. our atmospheric river is loading up over the ocean and coming our way for more waves of it is raining in the south bay at 280 and 17. the breezes and intensity of the storm will pick up the next several hours. >> want to take you to the biggest issue now, northbound 101 at whipple. we had standing water that caused a crash early this morning. they closed that due to the flooding. traffic forced off at woodside. they're close to opening several of the lanes. lonnie rivera is there and we'll
6:31 am
check in with her momentarilmom. southbound 280 at the 87 merge, a crash in. more info coming up in less than ten. >> thanks. mike and alexis are teaming up to provide you the best coverage we have to get you out the door. we also have crews out the door who have to brave the elements. >> indeed. let's check in with abc 7 news reporter kate larson, live in san francisco with a look at conditions on the embarcadero. >> hey, natasha and reggie. the rain slowed up here on the kgo roof in the past few minutes. as we know, that is not for long. the rain will be with us throughout the day. i can promise you, it is still very chilly and windy up here, as well. there has already been some damage throughout the bay area, including here in san francisco. you're taking a look at the tree that fell across gough street, blocking several lanes. gough shut between market and mccoppin and otis. in saratoga, power lines and
6:32 am
trees came down around 3:15 on quito road. power is out as a result to some neighbors. pg&e and fire are on scene to try to take care of the damage. the santa cruz mountains, highway 17 continues to be a trouble spot throughout our stormy season. an accident between bear creek and redwood estates this morning. fortunately, nobody was seriously injured in the crash. a slower morning on the roads because of the holiday this morning. if you are going out, please be careful. that is the latest. you're live on the kgo roof. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, kate. let's get to the breaking news on the peninsula. flooding and a crash in redwood city. >> lonnie rivera is along highway 101. lonnie? >> yes, natasha. we did get good news. they're going to be opening the lanes shortly. you can see, chp still here.
6:33 am
cars being detoured off woodside road. now, this all was caused by flooding. further up on northbound 101 between woodside and whipple, there's 6 inches to a foot of standing water between two lanes. it caused several accidents this morning. >> we do have phone calls into caltrans and county roads to come out and assist us with trying to drain -- open the drains and get rid of some of this water, with all this con strant ra -- constant rain overnight, it's created a hazard out >> california highway patrol is telling us they're hoping to have three lanes opened up in a couple of minutes. they'll still have one lane closed down because of the flooding. caltrans called in to clear away all of the water. just a reminder to drivers today, they say, check the wipers, make sure your tires are in good shape and be prepared for a long, rainy day. that is the latest.
6:34 am
reporting live here in redwood city, lonnie rivera, abc 7 news. >> thank you. check out how residents in martinez are bracing for the storm. sandbags are lining the downtown. crews at the oroville dam managed to make their goal, to have it 50 feet below the spillway. that happened last night. still, people who are nearby are being told to get ready to evacuate at a moment's notice, just in case. engineers say the lake could go up five feet from this week's storm, but the reservoir should be able to handle that. crews are still working around the clock to fortify the damaged main and emergency spillways. damage to those forced the evacuation of 188,000 people over last weekend. an abc 7 news viewer shared these photos of san francisco before the stormy weather moved in. share your pictures and vid oe of the storm by using the hash hag abc 7 now. we may use them online or on
6:35 am
air. all lanes open on 101 after a deadly crash that crippled traffic for five hours last night. a person died inside the scorched car after their car crashed and burst into flames. the driver hit a metal sign and then their car caught fire. officers blocked off three and four lanes while crews worked to clear the debris. this was the backup drivers faced south on 101 toward the golden gate bridge. the cause of the crash is under investigation. the chp looking for the person who fired at officers on interstate 580 in oakland. the same area where an armed man shot toward officers friday. >> during the investigation, they heard and saw some muzzle flash. heard rounds going off. >> no one was hit in this incident. the highway patrol shut down 580 to search for the gunman. on friday, a gunman opened fire on a chp officer not far
6:36 am
from here. the officer wasn't hit in that incident either. police shot and killed that gunman. >> announcer: a live desk update with jessica castro. >> we do have breaking news coming in. a court order that stopped the plan by the l.a. county sheriff is now setting off a privacy battle. the sheriff, seen here in this l.a. times article, wants to give prosecutors a secret list of 300 problem deputies. this morning, the plan is on hold. i want to show you video from the l.a. sheriff's department. sheriff d.c. momcdonnell, wante proprovide the names of deputies with credibility issues when taking the stand. the union that represents the rank and file there filed an injunction. here is why this particular story matters to everyone in california. it sets off a legal battle that's important for the state as a whole, tackling the issue of transparency in the state's criminal system. so we are going to be watching
6:37 am
it closely. that is developing this morning. reggie? >> thanks. u.s. defense chief jim mattmat mattis is in baghdad. discussing defeating isis. his first comments were to down play a remark by president trump last month when he said the u.s. should have kept iraqi oil after the american-led invasion in 2003. mattis says the administration would not try to seize iraq's oil. mattis arrived in baghdad as iraqi forces launched a major operation to liberate the western side of mosul from isis control. house speaker paul ryan and other lawmakers will take a trip to the mexican border this week. one congressman says the goal is to see what can be done about building a wall in that area. the wall, of course, a major campaign promise by mr. trump. some republicans have become concerned about the escalating price tag. it could reach more than $20 billion. they are demanding spending cuts in order to pay for the project. >> announcer: your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> i'm keeping an eye on the
6:38 am
coyote creek in the south bay. it could flood at any time, especially near edenvale. this is until further notice or 8:15 thursday evening. if the water starts to rise, what are you going to do? think about it now to take action. the rain tapered a bit in this area. light to possibly moderate. most is dealing with liegts rri right now. the potential for flooding is there until 4:00 tomorrow morning for all neighborhoods. watch out for the rapid rise in creeks and rivers. rock and mudslides we have a wind advisory. the area you see shaded in yellow, all of our neighborhoods, is until 1:00 this afternoon. a high wind warning takes over. damaging winds, faster winds, gusts up to 60 miles per hour are possible along the coast and above 1,000 everywhere you see is orange is where we have the best chance of downed trees and power lines and
6:39 am
property damage. today, it is wet with temperatures about 55 to 58 degrees. tonight, it becomes more showers, not quite as he haavy. hour by hour look at the next 24 to 48 hours with the system. i want to take you back to redwood city, where we have this major flooding issue on northbound 101 at whipple. here's a live look from the crew. we got an update from chp. they have three lanes over. only two lanes closed. looking at this, doesn't look like that is the case. we can assume they're going to be making that progress really quickly. i will keep a close eye on the camera. the backup does look like it is improving a little bit approaching anyway. looks like some folks are getting off at woodside. as you get closer to whipple where the flooding is, things may be moving a little better. i'll update that in a few minutes. that is one of our biggest issues of the morning. we have a crash blocking the three left lanes at southbound 280 at the 87 merge in san jose. that's not caused much of a
6:40 am
backup yet and we have no word on injuries yet. northbound 880 north of market, the second time we have had a crash in this location. it is heavy. may want to stick with 580 instead. we don't have the bay bridge metering light on. we are seeing lighter volumes. redwood city, they're closer to picking up the cones. another yaupdate in less than t. a severe storm rips through a major city in texas. the damage it is leaving behind and why the worst is far from over. a former engineer makes sexual harassment allegations against uber. the major investigation it is sparking this morning. 6:40 in the a.m. taking a live look outside with abc 7 news now. it is getting lighter at the golden gate bridge. still the wet roads persist. still the wet roads persist. we'll
6:41 am
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>> announcer: the abc 7 storm impact scale. today's storm is level 3. that means a strong storm. look out for flooding, hazards on the road and possible power outages. stay ahead of today's storm with the abc 7 news app. download it now. good morning. it is 6:43. we are watching a pretty wet commute. here's a live look right now of the bay bridge. >> hopefully you get to stay home today. if you're out and about, this is what it looks like in the north bay. the richmond bridge, definitely
6:44 am
water droplets on the lens. >> this is what a 3 looks like on the abc 7 storm impact scale on live doppler 7. track the rain where you live and anywhere you go using the abc 7 news app. free in your phone's app store. enable push alerts to get weather alerts as they happen. it isn't just the bay area getting pounded by storms. in texas, a severe storm ripped through parts of san antonio, caused major damage and left thousands without power. >> more than 100 structures were damaged. most of them homes. nearly 40,000 people were in the dark right now. officials issues severe thunderstorm warnings and flash flood watches as well. up to five inches of rain possible throughout the state today. no serious injuries or deaths reported so far. right now, president trump is attempting to explain his comment about sweden over the weekend. he referenced the country during a rally in florida as he spoke about past terror attacks in europe. >> what's happening last night in sweden.
6:45 am
sweden. who would believe this, sweden? >> the remark raising a lot of eyebrows in sweden itself. the foreign ministry spokesperson said the government was not aware of any terror-linked major incidents. a white house spokesperson said trump was talking about rising crime in recent incidents in general, not referring to any specific issue. >> announcer: a live desk update with jessica castro. >> natasha, i want to update the story from the live desk because president trump is tweeting about it this morning, sending out these tweets moments ago. reading, my statement as to what's happening in sweden was in reference to a story that was broadcast on fox news concerning immigrants and sweden. then a second tweet that says this. give the public a break. the fake news media is trying to say that large scale immigration in sweden is working out just beautifully. not. so the president doubling down on those comments that he made this weekend, reggie. >> thank you, jess. uber is trending this morning for attention the san
6:46 am
francisco company does not want. their ceo is ordering an urgent investigation into allegations of sexism and harassment at the company. they're coming from a former employee who says her manager repeatedly asked her to have sex. fowler left her job as an engineer at uber after a year with the company. in a blog post, fowler says when she went to hr to complain, the company sided with herrma manag and threatened to fire her for complaining. she spoke with other women at the company who experienced similar problems. in a statement, uber ceo, travis kalaneck, says, we seek to make uber a just workplace and there can be absolutely no place for this kind of behavior at uber. huffington, who joined the board of directors last year, will work on a full and independent investigation. one city made the top five list of the most clogged cities in the world here. san francisco taking the title, ranking fourth on the list. a traffic study calculated how
6:47 am
much time drivers spend stuck in travel during peak travel times. being stuck in travel cost the average u.s. driver $1,400 last year. the top five congested cities. number one, los angeles. two, moscow. three, new york city. four, san francisco. five, bocata, colombia. tech shuttles could be here to stay in san francisco. according to the examiner, transit leaders will vote tomorrow whether to make the program permanent. nearly 10,000 people take those shuttles to tech companies every day. officials have been evaluating the effectiveness of a two-year pilot program. they use bus stops and curb spaces to let passengers on. four warriors took the court for the all-star game last night in new orleans but the focus was here for most of you. >> robin schreiber made the trip and taught sports director larry
6:48 am
beil some of the amazing moves. >> you kind of have it. >> what do you mean kind of? >> then there is this. >> i thought i mastered this. >> look at this coordination. cobb robin has gone from anonymous fan to a worldwide phenomenon thanks to her dancing at the warriors game. >> she feel it is music and is inspired to move. she started it a year and a half ago and for good reason, her routine went rifle. >> -- viral. >> i dance like nobody is watching. i'm not nervous, feel the music. for some reason, i have a fan base in my section and it started growing. >> this is my favorite part. robin taught head coach steve kerr moves in new orleans. she says he is a good but slow learner. >> i like her honesty. >> she tells it like it is. >> she does. mike nknenico, not only do you sick dance moves but -- >> i thought you were going to
6:49 am
say i have a slow learner. that's better. a year and a half ago is when she started doing this. a year and a half ago, it started raining and it hasn't stopped since. we only need robin. she can stop dancing, we have enough rain. in all seriousness, we're between the waves of moderate to heavy rain. one rolled through while most of us was sleeping. more flooding rain and damaging winds are on the way. unsettled in a colder storm for friday and saturday. you see the yellows well into the central valley. look what is developing offshore right now. more moderate to heavy downpours on this atmospheric river. it is going to hang around through tomorrow afternoon. when the low starts to come in tonight, we could have a better chance at some thunderstorms, also. 3 on our storm impact scale. strong because of the moderate to heavy rain. the damaging winds. you can see how it fills in as we head throughout the next couple of hours. really hitting the heart of the bay the hardest. north bay, you'll get hit also
6:50 am
during the mid-morning to afternoon hours. notice the red start to go away by 5:00. we'll transition over to more light rain with embedded moderate rain to even showers in the overnight hours to local downpours and gusty winds. tomorrow 9:00 tomorrow, it starts to taper. we'll still be in the wet flow out of the southwest. scattered showers are possible through tuesday. the heaviest of the rain is going to fall before we get to the evening hours. urban and creek flooding, very high. trees down, same thing. high for mud and rock sliders. power outages and river flooding, moderate concern. the accuweather seven-day forecast. mostly dry tuesday and wednesday. oscar sunday looks dry. >> i was thinking, if this were a normal day and not the president's day holiday, we'd be seeing totally red on the traffic flows. we're getting a little break. if you head out, we have tough driving conditions. wet pavement, high wind advisories for all of our
6:51 am
east-west bridges. northbound 101 before whipple is where we had the spin-out crash due to standing water. the lanes were so flooded they decided to totally shut it down. they are working on opening up lanes right now. chp says two lanes remain closed. we have about three miles s o heavy traffic behind that. 880 north of market, crash in the clearing stages but causing a significant delay. look at this, nobody going through the bay bridge toll plaza right now. no metering lights. if we haven't gotten them by now, i don't think we'll see them. that is a good thing if you're one of the few working. drive times. highway 4 to the maze, 19. 9 minutes across the bay bridge and 10 101 san francisco to the airport. engineers are falling asleep behind the wheel of the self-driving cars. ford says this proves why it is better to have a fully
6:52 am
autonomous car rather than partially. it plans to have a fleet of self-driving cars and a ride hail service by 2021. and it is removing the steering wheels, brakes and the acceleration pedals from the cars. >> you shouldn't fall asleep at work. >> probably not. >> another lesson to learn. back in 90 seconds with the seven things to know before you go. >> gram photo of the day. you can see a lot more beautiful photos like this one. share your photos with the hashtag abc 7 now. 6:52. 6:52. a live
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:54. whether you are just joining us or going out the door, seven things to know. >> the weate'll have moderate to heavy rain, outside chance of a thunderstorm. 1 to 2 inches in the south bay. the rest of us, 2 to 4 inches. the worst of the storm still ahead of us. >> number two, of course, it'll be a tough day on the roads. look at the richmond side of the richmond-san rafael bridge, with a high wind advisory. i have 40 incidents on the board now. double that if we had a normal day. the lighter president's day volumes are helping a bit. >> speaking of the roads, number three from the live desk, right now, lanes opening up on northbound highway 101 at whipple and redwood city. several lanes were shut down earlier due to flooding and
6:55 am
several car accidents. >> number four, residents in martinez bracing for the worst with this storm. sandbags lining downtown store fronts. people there keeping a close eye on thecrews at the oroville dam made the goal of dropping the lake 50 feet. they hope the reservoir can handle this week's storms. >> number six, thousands of people across the country, including the bay area, taking part in a protest on this federal holiday. it is called not my president's day to demonstrate against the policies of president trump. >> seven, if you want to be filthy rich, anyone, perhaps a holiday every day? >> sure. >> this is your chance. this week's powerball stands at $403 million for wednesday night's drawing. plenty of time to start that office pool tomorrow when you get back to work. >> i don't have that money, but i'd pay you $5 for a better
6:56 am
forecast. >> i'd take it if it worked. but it is not going to. we may get wednesday and thursday dry and sunday. >> another round of rain. >> yeah, possible friday and saturday, a cold system. we could have snow levels down to 4,000 feet if the storm holds together. the big story for today is what is ahead of us, a moderate to heavy rain and gusty, damaging winds. >> the traffic would have been so much worse if it wasn't a holiday today. >> absolutely. >> there are ten people who are going to work right now. >> right. >> exactly. >> you and me, guys. see you in 25.
6:57 am
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good morning, america. devastating storms overnight. a possible tornado tearing through texas, damaging a hundred homes. as the west coast is slammed with another major storm. torrential rains battering the already hard hit area. fears of flooding, mudslides and powerful wind gusts after that deadly storm. this sinkhole swallowing cars, a freeway crumbling taking this fire truck with it. millions on alert right now. also this morning rallying his supporters. >> we will continue to win, win, win. >> president trump pumping up supporters at a campaign event just one month on the job, now facing backlash for what he said about an incident in sweden that never happened. >> you look at what's happening


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